Why Your Business Should be on Pinterest (Facts & Stats)

Do you know Pinterest can raise your business values?Why your business should be on Pinterest

Do you know Pinterest is the fastest evolved social media network than any other social media channel?

In this article, you’ll discover why your business should be on Pinterest and how big brands are doing smart business through Pinterest.

Why Pinterest?

There are a lot of big brands and businesses that are using Pinterest and getting maximum ROI for their business. I have made little research and collected some data. This data has amazing facts and stats about how these big brands and businesses are using Pinterest to help their targeted audience to provide them products and services what they are looking for.

Popular Brands on Pinterest:


Nordstrom is a specialty fashion retailer of jeans, dresses, shoes and other accessories that has great business presence on pinterest with millions of followers. Check it out how smartly they are describing themselves using most appropriate text in description section and sharing their products on pinterest. People that follow this brand always like and buy their products.

Nordstrom - Pinterest for Business

Real Simple:

Real Simple is a monthly women’s interest magazine published by Time Inc. (Source:wikipedia) which gives creative, realistic and inspiring ideas to make like easier. Hundreds of followers are getting benefits from their great ideas on pinterest.

Real Simple - Pinterest for Business


Mashable is the enormous independent news website which gives information about tech, business, social media, entertainment and many other categories. They have huge amount of followers on pinterest. They share social media tips and small business tactics for owners through their images in pinterest boards. Have a look to the mentioned images.

Mashable - Pinterest for BusinessHGTV:

It’s an acronym of home and garden television which gives amazing home décor ideas and inspirational tips to decorate your home occasionally. Millions of people love their ideas and tips that follow them on pinterest. Have a look to the boards which I highlighted in the below image contains “Christmas Decorating” & “Holiday Decorating” guide which help people to design their home.

HGTV - Pinterest for Business

Did you check it?

Have you analyzed how big brands are using Pinterest and helping their followers what they need? It’s all about big brands

Now, here are some amazing facts and stats which will give you clear reason why your business should be on Pinterest.

Pinterest for Business

What about these stats? Do you really think about your business that it should be on Pinterest? Of course you should be.

What people love on Pinterest:-

Clothing, fashion & lifestyle, beauty, recipes, DIY, Arts and Crafts are most popular categories that people love to see on Pinterest.
If your business is related to above mentioned categories then nothing happened yet, start your business on Pinterest today

My Recommendation:-

I recommend a business on Pinterest if it has fascinating images to attract the attention of user. If your website doesn’t have images then Pinterest is not the right platform to promote your business.

What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts and opinions in comments below: