Twitter Dashboard: The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling, Analytics and More

How do you use twitter for personal and business?

Are you wondering if you can manage your twitter scheduling, analytics & everything at one place?

Twitter marketing and community management (customer service) is a very daunting task for businesses because they have to pay for content strategy, plan, third party scheduling platforms etc.

In this post, I’ll describe what Twitter Dashboard is and how to use it (including scheduling, analytics, mentions & more) to reach your twitter marketing to higher level.

Twitter Dashboard- The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling, Analytics & More

Let’s dive into the Twitter Dashboard 🙂 

What is Twitter Dashboard?

Twitter dashboard (Recently launched by Twitter) is a really great tool designed to help social media and community mangers to connect with their customers and community. It’s available for IOS app and desktop only (Android version may come soon). Twitter dashboard offers you all the features including twitter timeline (feed), scheduling, analytics & more at one place. It will help you to control your twitter marketing from single destination.

To get started on Twitter Dashboard, you have to click here or download the IOS app here

Choose the category of your business and number of employees.

Get started with twitter dashboard

And follow the next steps until finish.

On twitter dashboard, you will see three tabs – About you, your tweets & Timeline.

About you:

The by default tab in your twitter dashboard will be “About you” which was “mentions” in twitter. By default you will see who mentioned you in their tweets either it’s a reply or someone shared your content by mentioning you. You can customize your “About You” feed and select the phrases you want to see the tweets of (e.g. social media, content marketing & digital marketing etc).

Your Tweets:

The second tab will be “Your tweets” tab. It will show you the tweets or content you have shared on twitter.


The third tab will be “Timeline” tab and here you will find the content or tweets shared by people who you follow.

The twitter dashboard will look like this:

Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard as Content Scheduler

From now, you will be a big fan of Twitter Dashboard because it will let you schedule all your content or tweets without even spending a single penny on third party tool (e.g. Buffer and Hootsuite etc). Yes, you heard it right, it’s FREE. You no longer need to pay for third party tools to schedule your content.

Tweet Scheduling:

To schedule your content, you have click on “What’s happening” box on home page of twitter dashboard just below the main navigation.

Let me explain you how to schedule a tweet in Twitter dashboard. Here I took a social media quote by Gary vaynerchuk “I love people, that’s why I love social media – @garyvee” and uploaded a photo of this quote. Now click on drop down along with “Tweet” button and click on “Schedule Tweet”. Now set the date and time to schedule your tweet. The time zone will be the same that you have already set up in your twitter account. See the image below:

Twitter Dashboard - Tweet Scheduling

Queue, Edit & Postpone the Scheduled Tweets:

You can edit your scheduled tweets if you have missed something to put e.g. link, image or you want to add something.  You can postpone the scheduled tweets by changing their date and time. You can also see the queue of scheduled tweets. To see all these things you have to click on Create which is a second button on main navigation bar.

Twitter Dashboard - Queue



Analytics is a section of twitter dashboard where you can see how your tweets and twitter profile is performing. Analytics section shows you the metrics in two parts. Account and Tweets.

  • Account:

    Account shows three kinds of metrics of a twitter account.

    1. Activity: Activity section shows you the total number of tweets you have shared in last week, 30 days and 60 days. It depends on you that what frequency you use to create twitter report. It shows the number of media (photo, video or GIF) tweets you have posted and the number of replies you have done to the retweets and mentions.
    2. Audience: In the audience section you can see how many times your twitter handle got mentioned in the tweets of people. You can also see the number new followers you got in last week, 30 days and 60 days.
    3. Visits and Views: In this section, you can check how many users visit your twitter profile in last week, 30 days and 60 days. It also shows the number of views or impressions a tweet got in a particular day. 

Twitter Dashboard - Twitter Analytics

  • Tweets:

Under tweets section, you can check how many impressions, replies, retweets and likes a tweet received. You can see the performance of your tweets in two categories. First is recent retweets, it will show you the impressions, replies, retweets and likes of most recent tweets. And second is recent engagements, it will show you the recent tweets that has received higher number of retweets and likes.

Twitter Dashboard - Analytics

The Pros and Cons


You no longer need to pay for third party apps to schedule your tweets.

Tweets scheduling directly from Twitter

Analytics directly from twitter


Links wouldn’t get shorted as like Hootsuite and buffer.

Photos from link posts wouldn’t fetch.


Twitter dashboard is literally a powerful tool by twitter to help small businesses to push their twitter marketing and community management to higher level. It’s really cool platform for businesses with small budget (who can’t pay to third party apps). So take advantage of twitter dashboard, create and schedule great content that your followers looking for. Happy tweeting! 🙂

What do you think about Twitter dashboard? Have you get started with twitter dashboard? Please let me know your thoughts in comments.