The Ultimate Guide to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Do you include LinkedIn in your social media strategy?

How do you use LinkedIn to get new business opportunities?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It is a perfect network to get the business opportunities no matter what the industry is. Before diving into this professional network, you have to make sure about your Linkedin profile. Your LinkedIn profile must be creative and attention grabbing.

How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Here are the key points to make your LinkedIn profile more creative and impressive:

  1. Craft an eye-catching headline
  2. Use a professional profile photo (Clicked by professional photographer if possible)
  3. Add a background photo to your LinkedIn profile
  4. Add contact information (Email, Phone, website/blog, twitter handle)
  5. Write a short & attention grabbing description about yourself
  6. Customize your public profile URL
  7. Add popular key terms to optimize your profile
  8. Optimize the anchor text for the blog/website links on your LinkedIn profile
  9. Emphasize your professional skills
  10. Highlight your products, services & other projects
  11. Boost your creditability by adding popular blogposts written by you.
  12. Join and participate in groups
  13. Share your honors and awards
  14. Publicize your interests
  15. Personalize your requests to connect with people
  16. Showcase volunteer experience, organizations and causes you care about
  17. Be active daily
  18. Best time to post on LinkedIn

According to an infographic by TruConversion, LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’ social media leads and rest of the social media channels put together only amount to 19.67% of leads.

Check out other interesting facts and tips about creating perfect LinkedIn profile in the inforgraphic below.

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Conclusion: As experts stated and we all know that LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network. This social network used by professionals as their resume in which they showcase their professional skills, interests, current and past projects on which they have worked. So your LinkedIn profile or your resume should be attention grabbing and creative enough to get the business opportunities.

What do you think? How is your LinkedIn profile? Does your LinkedIn profile have all above mentioned qualities? Share your thoughts and opinions in comments below.