53 Social Media Quotes and Sayings from Pros

How do you use social media for your business?

Are you considering using social media to promote your business?

53 Social Media Quotes and Sayings from Pros

Social media can really help businesses to increase their online presence if and only if used with proper etiquette. I heard many business owners just think that social media can increase the number of sales even if they are beginner on social media. I also came across many business owners who say how many sales I can get in one day using social media from the scratch. I got fed up when I interact with such kind of people and always tell them that social media is not a selling platform, it is about building relationship and trust with people to make them customer and then turn them into marketing volunteer army.

Here is an awesome quote by Jay Baer

Therefore, I have collected 50 quotes and insights about social media, content marketing, social selling, Facebook advertising, blogging that will give you clear picture of how and what to do with social media for business.

Explore the quotes and sayings from fabulous social media pros to understand how social media actually works:

1. “Ads in the News Feed get way better conversions than ads on the right column.” – Amy Porterfield

2. “When you say it – it’s marketing. When they say it – its social proof.” – Andy Crestodina

3.”Research shows that social media is comprised of two components: social and media.” – Brian Carter

4. “The best content spreads by itself.” – Brian Clark

5. “If your competitors start copying you then you are doing something right!” – Jay Baer

6. “Kids are using social media the RIGHT way. They’re using it to communicate.” – Ted Rubin

7. “Businesses do not have emotion. Humans do.” – Bryan Kramer

8. “If what you are saying doesn’t add value they won’t listen to you.” – Marcus Sheridan

9. “Facebook is an investment, not a free place to post your stuff.” – Amy Porterfield

10. “Never build your content ship on rented land.” – Joe Pulizzi

11. “Content that helps is superior to content that sells.” – Jay Baer

12. “Stop chasing the Facebook algorithm. Facebook ads work.” – Jon Loomer

13. “Where do most go to complain about a company/brand? TWITTER. Conversations are happening whether you are there or not.” – Kim Garst

14. “There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H – Human to Human.” – Bryan Kramer

15. “You earn influence by giving value and attention to other people. BE USEFUL!” – Laura Fitton

16. “Text is the gateway drug to real time marketing.” – Jay Baer

17. “Brands need to start focusing on building relationships and trust instead of counting quantity.” – Lee Odden

18. “You have to get a great headline to attract attention in your blog – it’s about the lure – not the rod.” – Michael Hyatt

19. “People love to be recognized and feel that they matter. Recognize them for engaging.” – Mari Smith

20. “We are in the business of listening, communicating, teaching and helping.” – Marcus Sheridan

21. “Get rid of your testimonials page. You want to put your testimonials all over your website!” – Andy Crestodina

22. “85% of corporate blogs have less than 5 posts.” – Joe Pulizzi

23. “Facebook sales funnel starts with highly relevant fans. Stop taking shortcuts.” – Jon Loomer

24. “Smart companies realize that social media is about people, not logos.” – Jay Baer

25. “Use landing pages instead of Facebook tab apps. That’s the future.” – Amy Porterfield

26. “Power doesn’t come from CONTENT, power comes from content that MOVES.” – Mark Schaefer

27. “Align your visual voice with your audience and your brand identity.” – Neal Schaffer

28. “Find your sweet spot: the intersection between what you know & what your customers need to know.” – Joe Pulizzi

29. “If your message is for everybody, than your message is for nobody.” – Michael Hyatt

30. “How often should you publish blog content? As often as you can be amazing.” – Brian Clark

31. “People love brands that communicate with them as human beings!” – Ted Rubin

32. “Address the questions of your clients and prospects…or not. Someone will.” – Marcus Sheridan

33. “The average blog post reader spends 3 minutes, podcasters listen for 45 minutes.” – Michael Stelzner

34. “Build with advocacy, follow with influence. Your employees are your biggest brand advocates.” – Jay Baer

35. “Ask what you can do for influencers, not what influencers can do for you – develop relationships!” – Laura Fitton

36. “Use Optimized CPM. You’ll reach the people that matter.” – Jon Loomer

37. “Make the customer the hero of your brand’s story.” – Simon Mainwaring

38. “When you connect with influencers and use their content, you build your own influence as well.” – Lee Odden

39. “Your content, engagement and conversion should go in 4 phases: core, build up, promotion and follow up.” – Mari Smith

40. “How do you become an expert? First, claim the name. Next, spend the rest of your life proving it.” – Viveka von Rosen

41. “The main reason content marketing fails is because it stops. Be consistent.” – Joe Pulizzi

42. “Lead with a personal story. Give your audience a way to connect and show you’re a real person.” – Michael Hyatt

43. “Twitter marketing in 4 words: Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.” – Laura Fitton

44. “Relationships are like muscle tissue, the more they are engaged, the stronger and more valuable they become.” – Ted Rubin

45. “Whoever generates the most trust online wins.” – Marcus Sheridan

46. “58% say original written content is the most important form of content, above video, visuals & audio.” – Michael Stelzner

47. “Test your Facebook marketing by measuring: frequency, timing, content type & length!” – Mari Smith


48. “True advocacy is born from culture, not technology or marketing.” – Jay Baer

49. “When finished writing a post, go back & add bullets, sub heads, spacing; eliminate long paragraphs or sentences.” – Michael Hyatt

50. “Social media is not an end in itself. It’s just another tool to reach people.” – Simon Mainwaring

51. “Your role is to be an educator. Answer your customers’ questions, and they just might buy from you.” – Marcus Sheridan

52. “Social media policies will never be able to cure stupid.” – Nichole Kelly

53. “If you’re going to use paid advertising, use it to build an audience. An audience never goes away.” – Brian Clark



Social media can really grow your business, there is no doubt. Just focus on the right and ethical tactics and techniques to use social media for your business. It will worth your time and money both.

Which one is your favorite quote? Tell me your favorite one that influenced you.