Viraltag: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Scheduling

Do you love instagram?

Let me guess….Yes! You love it. Well, everyone loves it.

Are you posting content on instagram on a regular basis?

Consistency is the key to success no matter what is the subject (social media, content marketing or blogging) matter. I remember a quote from Joe Pulizzi here:

Consistent posting on Instagram is really important to keep your followers engaging. Posting engaging and evergreen content on instagram may be daunting task as everyone (Either it business owner or social media manager) is busy with something else. So here is the need of some automation that will push your content to community.

In this post, I’ll describe the step-by-step guide to automate your content on instagram using Viraltag.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Scheduling

What is Viraltag

Viraltag is a social media management tool that helps social media and community managers to post content and manage their community on multiple social media channels. You can manage all of your major social media channels e.g. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Before proceeding ahead, let me clear one thing.

Viraltag is a paid platform. Yes! It’s not FREE but don’t worry you have 14 days trial period to check out the tool. I hope it’s enough time to play with it.

Let’s get started with Viraltag

Step 1:

Sign up on Viraltag with email address and password. It’s pretty easy.

After signing up you’ll jump directly on Dashboard. Your dashboard will look like this:

Viraltag Dashboard

Step 2:

Go to accounts in the left side on your Viraltag dashboard. Click on connect button for instagram. It will ask you for instagram username & password.

Step 3:

Before scheduling content on instagram using Viraltag, you have to install Viraltag app on your phone. It is available on IOS and android (See below image).

Viraltag App

Step 4:

Go to post button on left side of your screen. You will see popup on your screen where you have to choose an image to schedule. You can choose this image from computer, Facebook, dropbox, Bing search, flickr, Google drive and instagram. I have took an image from my computer (See below image).

Viraltag Post

Step 5:

Write the caption for image that you want to schedule and put the most relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your post (See below image).

Viraltag Insta

Now click red schedule option when you finish the caption and hashtags work. Select the date and set the time when you want to post that photo. Next, click on schedule button (See below image).

ViralTag Instagram Scheduling

Here are the scheduled posts

Viraltag Scheduled Posts

The delivering of content on instagram using scheduling platform is slightly different. At the time that you have set to deliver the post, you’ll get a notification on your phone where you have installed the Viraltag app.

Step 6:

Click on that notification when you get it on your phone. As you click on it you will see your photo ready to be shared on Instagram with “Post or Share on instagram” blue button (See below image).

Instagram Scheduling

Step 7:

When you click on “Post or share on instagram”, the caption and hashtags will automatically be copied on clipboard. Next you can edit the photo e.g. changing the filters etc (See below image).

Instagram Filters

Step 8:

Go ahead when you are finished with filters. Now it’s time to paste the caption and hashtags into the text box. You have to tap your finger or thumb into text box until it shows paste button (when you have android phone) or double click into the text box (in case you have an iPhone) (See below image).

Instagram Hashtags

Step 9: Next, click on blue tick mark button (See that button in above image) after putting the caption and hashtags into text box. Below is the shared image on Instagram. 

Instagram Post


Social media automation is a really essential part of social media marketing strategy. Automation save tons of hours and these hours can be consumed to complete some other important tasks. Viraltag is a really cool tool to automate your content on instagram and other social media channels for sure. For Instagram, you just have to schedule your one or two week posts in just one sit and then post them via your phone as you get notifications.

What do you think? Do you use any tool to schedule instagram posts? Please share your thoughts in comments section below.

  • Hi Navneet, thanks for this.

    I hadn’t heard of Viraltag before. I agree, scheduling to Instagram is now really important to a lot of people’s social media strategy. Quite often regular content is scheduled for consistency then ad hoc and in the moment posts are still ones that get a lot of engagement.

    I’m one of the co-founders of Hopper HQ, which is the fully automated scheduling tool for Instagram. Essentially a similar service to Viral Tag but it’s ‘set and forget’ so once you’ve put your content up it automatically posts at the time you’ve set. Hopper also has a lot of other features including caption posting, separate first comment posting for hashtags, video support and lots others coming soon.

    I’d love to get your views on Hopper if you had the chance to trial it out?

    All the best,