How to Add Facebook Like Box in Your WordPress Website

Do you want your blog readers to become your Facebook fans?

Are you wondering how easily can you setup Facebook like box in your WordPress website?

How to Add Facebook like Box in Your WordPress

Having a Facebook like box in your website enables a user to like your Facebook page without leaving your website if he/she really likes your content and want to become a fan of your Facebook page. Also he/she doesn’t need to go on Facebook to search the specific Facebook page. So adding a Facebook like box in your website is a powerful way to convert a loyal reader into a Facebook fan.

In this article, I’ll explain how to add Facebook like box in a WordPress website and how easy it is. You don’t need to have developer skills to add it in your website.

What is Facebook Like Box

The Facebook Like Box is a special version of the Like Button designed only for Facebook Pages. It allows admins to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into other sites (Source: Facebook Developers).

There may be lots of techniques to add a Facebook like box but I’ll explain two easy methods.

1. Jetpack Plugin:

There is a FREE plugin named jetpack by WordPress. First, you need to add and install this plugin in your website (I have already done it for my website).  Once you’re done with the installation process, you will need to connect your website with jetpack & WORDPRESS.COM (Here you will need your account not the username & password of your website). If you don’t have an account then create one here

Facebook Like Box - Jetpack

When you’re done with connection, just go to the “widget” section under “Appearance” in left side on your WordPress admin panel (See the below image).

Facebook Like Box - Appearance

Now you’re in widget section of your website. Check out a widget named “Facebook Like Box (Jetpack)”, click on it and select where you want to place (either in sidebar, header or footer) Facebook like box (I have selected the sidebar). Now click on add widget (See the image below).

Facebook Like Box - Widget

Have you added the widget in your website? Great job 🙂

Now let’s come to the minor editing process.

  1. Give a name to it in the title box e.g. Like My Facebook Page.
  2. Put the Facebook page URL in URL box.
  3. Give an appropriate width & height to it.
  4. Choose the color.
  5. And four more options to control it (Faces, stream, border & wall).

Finally click on save

(See the below image for all I have described above).

Facebook Like Box - Editing

You can see the live version of your Facebook like box on your website. Check out my version:

Facebook Like Box - My Facebook Page

2. Using Facebook Developers:

This is an alternative method to add Facebook like box in your website. You don’t need to add or install any plugin for this but you have do some work on Facebook developers page. Go to this link and create your Facebook like box. Put your Facebook page URL in the given box and set the width, height and choose a color scheme. Also see other options (Show friend’s faces, header, border etc) there. Finally click on the blue “Get Code” button (See the image below).

Facebook Like Box - Developers

When you click on “Get Code”, you will see a code window as like in below image.

Facebook Like Box - Plugin Code

Copy the iFrame code and once again go to the “WIDGET” section under “APPEARANCE” in admin panel of your website. Find out the “TEXT” widget (Arbitrary text or HTML) and add it to the sidebar. (See the below image).

Facebook Like Box - Add Widget

 Now you have added the “TEXT” widget in sidebar. Go to the added “TEXT”widget in sidebar and paste that iFrame code in the big box and also give a name in title box e.g. Like My Facebook Page (See the below image).

Facebook Like Box - Save

Here you’re done with Facebook like box.


Facebook like box enables you to attract or gain Facebook fans directly from your website. It’s a powerful method to convert your blog readers into your Facebook fans to engage with your content that you will share on Facebook page. Lots of big brands and small businesses are using it to expand their business presence using Facebook. Why you left behind? Add it to your website today if you haven’t it.

What do you think? What methods or techniques do you use to place a Facebook like box on your website? Please share your thoughts & suggestions in comments section below.