How to Add Call to Action Buttons in Organic Facebook Post

How often do you use call to action buttons in your Facebook posts?

Let me guess! You always use CTA buttons in Facebook ads. Am I right?

How to Add CTA Buttons in Organic Facebook Post

But you can use CTA buttons on your organic Facebook posts too.Yes! You heard that right. Call to action buttons encourages the users to take an action.

Today I am going to explain you how to add call to action buttons in your Facebook post that you want to share with your fans organically. Before moving ahead let me first tell you how many types of call to action buttons are there in Facebook.

Shop Now

Book Now

Learn More

Sign Up


Watch More (For video posts)

We can use first five buttons in link posts but last one (Watch more) is an extra for video posts. Done with the types of call to action buttons? Let’s move to step by step guide to creating CTA buttons in organic Facebook post.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1:

Initially, we need Facebook power editor tool to complete this task. We can only do it with Facebook power editor. It’s a chrome only plugin. You can start here: Before moving forward you have to click on manage pages from drop down as you can see in the below image.

Facebook Power Editor

Step 2:

The next step that you have to do is select the Facebook page for which you want to create post. Here I selected my own Facebook page (Navneet Sau). See the image

Facebook Power Editor

Step 3:

Now this is the most important part of guide. In this step I will create an unpublished post (dark post) in which I will tell you how to add a CTA button. To create unpublished post, click on “Create Post” button just below the name of Facebook page and you will see a pop in which you have to fill appropriate information that you want to share on your Facebook page. Here I took the example of hubspot blog post which is about email newsletter (FREE EBOOK). The content that you will need to create an unpublished post is here: (See the image below)

URL: (Where you want to land the user)

Post text: (Descriptive text about the link post. No character limit)

Call to action button: (Depend on the type of post. The post that I am going to create is about FREE eBook so I took Download button).

Headline: (Enticing title of the link)

Display Link: (Home page of the website)

Description: (Little description about the link. No character limit)

Image: (A descriptive image of dimension: 1200×627)

Make sure your click on the radio button (This post will be published on the page) as I have done.

Facebook Power Editor

The unpublished post is ready now. You can see a half moon icon just in front of post (See the image).

Facebook Power Editor

You can even check the preview of the post before sharing it to the Facebook page that how it will look like.

Step 4:

Now come back to power editor and select the unpublished post and click on publish post button. This way you can create call to action buttons for an organic Facebook post.

Tip:  You can also schedule an unpublished post if you want to share it when your fans come online on Facebook (See the below image).

Facebook Power Editor

What do you think? Do you add CTA buttons in your every link post on Facebook page? Please share your suggestions & opinions comments section below.

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