Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

How do you use Facebook for business marketing?

Are you wondering that Facebook can raise your business values?

Facebook is one of the most used social media platform. Big brands are using Facebook to promote their products and services and people buy things from their favorite brands they like on Facebook. Why don’t you?

Don’t you want promote your business through Facebook?

In this article, you will find 7 Facebook marketing tips that you need to apply on your business page.


Content is still king weather is Facebook, twitter, Google+ or any other social media channel. Content that you are going to share on your Facebook page should be engaging and converting. You should have to share text, images, videos and links of informative articles that adds value to your fans. You should keep watching Facebook insights to check out what kind of content is working best for your Facebook page.

Facebook Ads:

Advertisement is best way to promote your business on Facebook in a short span of time to get quick results. Using Facebook ads you can reach to your targeted audience who are interested in your products and services even if you are targeting few miles of a city. It is the most recommended method of Facebook marketing to drive right types of fans to your Facebook page.

Custom Tabs:

Custom tabs are like bonus to promote your business on Facebook. These custom tabs are situated just below the cover photo (will placed in left hand side when new Facebook layout will change). You can run contests and sweepstakes to promote your products inside it or even hide an offer or discount coupon so whenever any new user want to enter the contest or interested in discount coupon then he/she must like the page before entering (fan gate mechanism). Using this way you can build huge fan base on Facebook for your business.

Shortstack, Tabsite,Grosocial, Heyo and many other sites are providing apps for custom tabs.


Building relationship is very important on social media platform. Suppose, you have 1000 likes & one your partner or fan has 10000. By utilizing this relationship you could spread the word about your page, promotion or giveaway to a much larger audience free of cost.


Who doesn’t want getting something for nothing? Because of that contests and giveaways are best way to promote your business organically. You can use third party app (Shortstack, Tabsite, Grosocial, Heyo) as well as Facebook timeline (permitted last year) to run your contest but make sure to read Facebook promotion guidelines before running your contest every time


Facebook is all about engagement and communication. So it is very essential to reply back for every comment and message that you get on your Facebook page because it shows you care about your community. Don’t hide the messages that criticize you, try to solve them publicly because it make sure to other people in your community that you deal with them efficiently instead of escaping.

Social plugins & QR codes:  

‘Build it and they will come’ is definitely not a phrase that applies to Facebook marketing. Many businesses struggle to grow their fans simply because the people don’t know they are on it. Put social plug-in (Facebook like box) to your website and use QR codes on your print media so that people can easily find you.

How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

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In the beginning, Facebook was just a way of communication but now it’s a big platform for businesses to spread their awareness and to sale products and services. So think about using Facebook for your business.


Before trying Facebook for your business, ask one question from yourself that is this ideal platform to use for your business? Because Facebook is not right platform for all kind of businesses.

What do you think? Do you have more Facebook techniques that a business should use? Please share your thoughts in comments below.