Twitter Etiquette: 10 Powerful Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Are you wondering how big brands has huge amount of followers on Twitter?

Are you struggling with your twitter follower & following ratio?

How to Increase Twitter Followers
I have seen many individuals & business owners for begging twitter followers. Actually, they don’t know what strategy they should use to be a popular personality or brand on twitter. So Today I am going to share amazing tips and tactics to increase twitter followers using easy to do list of tasks. These tasks contain 10 easy steps that you need to follow to grow your twitter follower. 

Explore the following 10 steps:

1. Craft an effective tweet:

Create subjective tweet that adds value to your target market. Include images, videos, links, stories, tips and tutorials to your tweets. 

Important tips:

  • Post less content tweets: Tweets less than 100 characters gets 17% more engagement than lengthy tweets.
  • Post news content: News content gets 80% more engagement than others.
  • Use action words: Use verb & adverb and avoid noun & adjective.
  • Tweet about twitter: Tweet about twitter gets 200% retweets than others. 

2. Profile Completeness:

Complete your twitter profile with appropriate information that describe who you are and what do you do. Set a professional, clear and good looking profile picture.

Don’t do it while completing your profile.

  • Don’t use small size profile picture.
  • Don’t set any other photo for profile.
  • Don’t do angular rotation of profile picture.

3. Follow the people who follow your followers

People who have the same profession, interest, activities that are like you. You can follow these people followers, so that there might be a chance that their followers will start following you back.

Example: Suppose you are a teacher and you find another person in same profession who has large number of followers. So you can start following his/her followers so that there might be a chance they also follow your back. 

4. Ask for Retweet

Ask people to retweet you will broaden your twitter network very soon. You can include “RT” or “Retweet” at the end of your post. 

Remember: Ask followers to retweet using “RT” & “Retweet” will increase “Retweet Rate” by 12 times.

5. Follow Back to Your Followers

Sometimes you will be “unfollow” by your followers only because you weren’t following them back. So it’s very necessary to follow back to your followers to keep them up.

6. Participate in Twitter Chat

You will be highly benefited when you participate in twitter chat. With this, you will not only meet the new people in your sector but also learn the new things and ideas which help you a lot. 

7. Include Hashtag in Your Tweet

Include hashtag in tweet will make it more effective and increase its visibility. So that more and more people will read your tweet which result you will get popular through your tweet and people will start following you.


  • Tweet with hashtag(#) gets 2 times more engagement than tweets without hashtag(#).
  • Not to use more than two hashtag(#) because it will cause 17% decrease in engagement.

8. Use Twitter Searching Sites

With the help of twitter searching sites, it will be easier for you to search the people by name, location or other information. So, you can easily search to your known ones and convert them into your followers.

9. Post Content on Regular Basis

Share content to keep your followers engaged with you. For that, you have to post content on a regular basis in order to keep your audience interest up. So they never try to unfollow you. 

Best day to tweet:

  • Saturday & Sunday increase engagement rate by 17%

Best Time to Publish Tweet:

  • Between 8AM to 7PM increase engagement rate by 30%

10. Follow Me on Twitter Link:

You can encourage people to follow you. For that, you can easily provide “Follow me on Twitter” link via emails, blogs social media sites etc. So that large audience gets attracted towards you and start following you. 

Explore the following inforgraphic by Inkthimes that I have found useful and shared with you.

10 Powerful Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Summary: Follow the above mentioned tactics to increase follower base on twitter that will be beneficial for you & your business.

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