8 Best Examples of Awesome Facebook Cover Photo

How do you use Facebook cover photo for your8 Best Examples of Awesome Facebook Cover Photo business marketing?

Have you ever used Facebook cover photo to show off your products?

You can sell an ebook, physical product or can send a user directly to particular landing page using Facebook timeline cover photo.

In this article, you’ll discover how to use facebook page timeline cover photo to drive visitors directly to particular link.

Melanie Duncan:

Melanie Duncan is the founder of Entrepreneuress Academy and pinterest marketing expert who is helping online and local businesses to grow their online reputation. Entrepreneuress Academy is her Facebook page where she guides her fans about how they can promote their business strategically. She has used Facebook cover photo very effectively. Below is the screenshot of Facebook page cover photo (She is using different one now).

Melanie Duncan - Online Marketing

Did you check how impressive call to action she has placed on Facebook cover photo. When you click on her Facebook cover photo, you will see specified landing page where you can get free guide. How awesome? Isn’t it?

Mari Smith:

There is hardly any online marketer or business owner in this world who doesn’t know Mari Smith. Mari Smith is known as Facebook marketing queen. Wherever there is any conversation about Facebook marketing then Mari Smith is first name which comes in mind for guidance. Mari Smith has Facebook page using her own name “Mari Smith”. She has used an impressive call to action on her Facebook cover photo for ads webinar. Have look to her cover photo below.

Mari Smith - Facebook Marketing

Amy Porterfield:

Amy Porterfield is also well known Facebook marketing expert and podcast host. She is co-author of Facebook marketing all-in-one for dummies. Take a look her Facebook page cover photo.

Amy Porterfield - Facebook Marketing

She has used an amazing call to action to encourage subscribers to sign up for her free webinar. It’s really an awesome way to get attention of visitors.

Jon Loomer:

Jon Loomer is a Facebook advertising expert. He has his own blog where he shares Facebook advertising techniques through ads manager and power editor. Check out his Facebook page cover photo below.

Jon Loomer  - Facebook Advertising

Jon Loomer is doing great job with his Facebook page cover photo. He is encouraging visitors to sign up for “Free weekly mini webinar” through custom tab app with an arrow.  What a tremendous trick 🙂

Driving visitors to custom tab is also a great way to increase fan base through fan gate mechanism.

Kim Garst:

Kim Garst is a business entrepreneur, online marketer, trainer and social media marketing consultant. She provides online marketing tips and techniques to promote online or local businesses. She has also used an amazing cover photo for her facebook page. Below is the screenshot of her facebook cover photo.

Kim Garst - Social Media Marketing


Shortstack is an application design tool used to create custom tab apps, widgets and timeline covers for Facebook pages. The expert designer at Shortstack, are doing brilliant job with timeline cover photo of their Facebook page. Below is the screenshot of Facebook cover photo.

Shortstack - Facebook marketing

They have placed an enticing call to action that is pointing to custom tab for downloading an ebook of holiday ideas. Did you notice?

Social Mouths:

Francisco Rosales is the author of Social Mouths where he shares social media tips and advices to help local and online businesses to grow their reputation and visibility on the web. He has used an amazing call to action on Facebook cover photo. Here is the screenshot of timeline cover photo is his Facebook page.

Social Mouths - Facebook marketing

Pat Flynn:

Pat Flynn is an online marketer, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, blogger and founder of Smart Passive Income, a digital and online marketing blog where he shares his thoughtful ideas and tips for online business owners and marketers. Pat Flynn has also used a tremendous call to action on his Facebook page cover photo. Have a look the captured screenshot.

Pat Flynn - Facebook marketing


Show off your business products and services in timeline cover photo of your Facebook fan page. As described above, all these individuals using amazing cover photos in their Facebook page then why don’t you? I highly recommend you to have amazing design and enticing call to action in your Facebook timeline photo because cover photo is first area seen by a visitor.

What are your thoughts? Share your valuable suggestions and opinions in comments below.