How to Create Twitter Custom Timeline in Tweetdeck

Recently, twitter has announced How to Create Twitter Custom Timeline in Tweetdeck

custom timelines in Tweetdeck.

These timelines are little similar to twitter lists which allows you to add your favorite tweets at one place. The difference between custom timelines and twitter lists is that list contains all tweets from a user, but custom timelines will only have the tweets which you add there. You can create a custom timeline that includes your favorite tweets from a sports event, business conference or humor tweets and then later can share those tweets to twitter and your website or blog.

Have you created any custom timeline since it launched? No?

Here I am going to share step-by-step procedure to create twitter custom timelines in Tweetdeck.

Login your Tweetdeck account if you don’t have an account then create here and get logged in.


After logging in, click on “+” button (1. shown in the below image) in left hand side navigation and a pop window will come into view that contains many column types home, interactions, mentions activity and many others & finally there is custom timeline at the end. Click on custom timeline button and create new timeline.

Twitter Custom Timeline

You can also create a custom timeline directly by another option (2.) as shown in the above image.

Step 2:

Now click on create new custom timeline and it will automatically add to column of your tweetdeck dashboard. Give an appropriate name to the timeline and relevant description too. I gave the name “social media pros” and suitable description which describes the custom timeline what about it is.

Twitter Custom Timeline

Step 3:

Next job which you should perform is adding tweets into custom timeline and you can do it using two methods. First method is drag-n-drop the tweets using pointer.

Twitter Custom Timeline

Second, hover over your mouse cursor on the user’s tweet and click on “add to custom timeline” from the drop down list and finally select the custom timeline where you want to add that tweet, in my case I just have one timeline and I selected that (check below images).

Twitter Custom Timeline

Twitter Custom Timeline

Now custom timeline is almost ready. I added the tweets of Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield, John Paul Aguier and Kim Garst in my custom timeline.

Twitter Custom Timeline

Step 4:

Now you can share it in three ways

  • Embed timeline: You can embed your timeline in your website or blog by generating twitter widget when you click on embed timeline.
  • View on You can view this timeline on twitter because it has unique web address and this timeline will be public to everyone.
  • Tweet about timeline: You can tweet about this timeline as generally you share content on twitter.

Twitter Custom Timeline

So, it is very simple to create custom timeline. Isn’t it?

What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts and opinions in comments below:

  • Lakhwinder

    Thanks @Navneet for this great post! I have used List in but I want the same for Tweetdeck, So that i could separate my favorite ones aside from crowd. This post really solved my problem .

    • Happy to hear it helped you that you were looking for. Feel free to share it with your friends.

      • Lakhwinder

        Sure & thanks.