What Should You Choose? Facebook Timeline Contest or Tab apps Contest

Facebook contests are an effective way to drive potential customer to a business? There are lots of online and local businesses are running Facebook contests to increase engagement on their Facebook fan page and growing fan base.

Stephanie DeBolt has found significant augmentation on her Facebook page (Stephanie DeBolt Photography) through contests. Below image shows the enhanced stats.

Facebook Photo Contest

As Facebook has changed their promotion policy on August 28 and allowed timeline promotion on Facebook page. Before this, Promotion was allowed through Facebook tab apps in which contestants must have to visit app page to enter the contest. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of both type of contest. Take a look them and choose which works perfectly for your business.

Facebook Timeline Contest or Tab Apps Contest:

Facebook Timeline Contest or Tab apps Contest

Inforgraphic by: Tabsite

Facebook Timeline Contest is Best if:

  • You want to run it immediately (Launching a product).
  • You want fast engagement and looking to increase TAT (Talking about this).
  • You don’t have budget for app contests.

App Contest on Facebook Tab is Best if:

  • You want to grow your Facebook fan base (App contests have fan gate mechanism where one must have to like the Facebook page before entering in the contest).
  • You want capture lead information (Name & email addresses for building email list for future marketing).
  • You want to more design control.
  • You want advanced features (Contest rules and easy to select winner).

Is it sufficient information to differentiate both the contests? No? Let’s dive in the ocean.

Advantages of Timeline Contest:

  • Quick and easy to establish (Simply create a post or status update like you do on your personal profile).
  • Fun way to engage fans & visitors.
  • Zero running cost.
  • Runs totally in news feed where users spend the most time (No need to go on particular app URL to enter the contest).
  • Offer amazing ways to increase fan page reach and engagement (It will be mandatory to like or comment to enter the contest so results will be higher in reach & engagement).
  • The more reach and engagement, the more potential to grow your community.

Disadvantages of Timeline Contest:

  • Cannot collect email address (Entrants doesn’t need email to enter into the contest).
  • Cannot have fan gate to ensure entrant likes your page (You can’t increase your Facebook fan base).
  • The Page cannot re-share the post easily to tell people about the contest multiple times.
  • Need to post or link to full rules and the required release of Facebook’s responsibility for the contest, which can be cumbersome to do in a post (It is difficult to describe the contest rule in Facebook post).
  • You cannot announce the winner without email address.

Advantages of Tab App Contest:

  • Collecting email addresses is important for future marketing (Email marketing).
  • More attractive design and control for the contest.
  • Can ensure fan/like gate is in place so entrants become fans of the page (Increasing fan base).
  • Contest has a “home” on Facebook so it is easy to share and link to for promoting (More chances to make contest the viral).
  • Rules and Terms have simple way to be displayed, viewed, and accessed (No need to write rules separately).
  • Great user experience of seeing all entries, voting, and sharing an entry you like.
  • Can be accessed on Facebook or also off of Facebook on a web page (Tab app has its unique web address).
  • Can integrate other tools such as Instagram Image contest.

Disadvantages of a Tab App Contest:

  • Requires entrants/contestants to click from a post to go to the tab.
  • Takes more time to setup, add graphics, and customize to deploy (Time consuming and need more efforts to run).
  • Typically is going to cost at least $19-$30+ dollars to run (You must have bucks to pay for contest).
  • Requires use of the smart URL to overcome Facebook mobile limitations.

Have you ever used Facebook contests? Which type of contest do you use for marketing your business? Please share your thoughts and opinions in comments below: