13 Creative Ways to Increase Facebook Fan Base

13 Creative Ways to Increase Facebook Fan BaseDo you have Facebook fan page for your business?

How do you increase likes for your fan page?

Here comes the tactics and methods to increase Facebook fan page likes which can boost online presence and visibility of your fan page. So let’s start.

1. Invite your friends:-

This is one of the first method to Increase Facebook fan page likes after creating it. Invite all your friends which are in your friend list by clicking on build audience on admin penal as show in this image. Your can directly invite your friends who shows in right side of Facebook insights.

2. Share your Facebook fan page:-

Share a facebook pageThis is another successful practice to increase likes for your Facebook fan page. Share your fan page on your own timeline, On your friend’s timeline, In a group, on a page you manage and in a private message. You need to go on admin penal again to do this and click on build audience and share page in drop down list. By clicking on share page a pop window will open and there will be all these options which I have mentioned above in this method as red arrow pointing in the right image.

 3. Call to acFacebook call to actiontion in cover photo:-

Think twice and thrice before updating cover image of your Facebook page. Cover photo of your fan page must be descriptive and enticing to the user so that you can covert him/her to your happy customer. Take a look an example of best call to action in the below images.

4. Choose a vanity URL of page:-

Choose a custom URL for your Facebook page which reminds very easily to a user. Keep it short and simple according to name of the page and it also helps to increase search engine ranking of your Facebook page if someone search with your business name on major search engines.

Ask to invite friends5. Ask your friends:-

This is another good alternative to increase likes for page is ask your friends to invite their friends to like your fan page. It is recently updated option by Facebook that you can invite your friends to like a fan page if you are not an admin or content creator of Facebook page. Screenshot of my profile (in right side) give your best illustration when I see invite my friends for Mari Smith’s Facebook page.

6. Have a like box on your website:-

It is another great approach to enhance fan page likes. You must have Facebook like box on your website or blog where your share your views and thoughts about any particular topic. When a reader likes your blog post or content on your website they don’t hesitate to hit the like button there. So don’t miss even a single opportunity to get like for your page.

7. Facebook ads:-

Most recommended and effective way to boost fan page likes. You can drive your targeted audience to your fan page through Facebook advertising. There are so many options to dive more deeply to find your targeted marketing i.e. country, state, city, gender, age and specific interest. I highly recommend this method if you have enough bucks to invest for your business on Facebook.

8. Add your fan page in email signature:-

It would be another good method to add your Facebook fan page in your email signature because when you send email newsletter to your existing and happy customer then they will be glad to connect with you on Facebook which is your main goal.

9. Top fans of the week:-

Use an app to choose top fans every week on Facebook for your fan page according to their engagement. It gives encouragement to your fans that you care about them and their emotions and they don’t hesitate to share your fan page content in their news feed which shows by friends of them. So chances of spreading the content getting high.

Facebook custom tab apps10. Facebook custom tab apps:-

Custom tab apps is an easy way to enhance Facebook fan page likes. I highly recommend  to make use of these custom apps to attract targeted audience to your page. Sweepstakes and contests are best to use in these custom apps. Let me explain you with an example social media examiner in the image at right side. When a user click on one of these tabs, it will open with a fan gate which encourage that user to like the page first and after that real content will show to the user what he/she is looking for.

11. Invite friends of other social media profiles:-

Stretch your network by inviting friends from other social media channels. For instance a user and you follow each other on twitter and sharing content and valuable stuff, ask them to connect on Facebook. You can do the same on other social media websites.

12. Use your Facebook fan page while commenting:-

Obviously, you are a reader of some of your favorite blogs from where you got inspirations, new thoughts & ideas about your industry. Use Facebook page while commenting or praising their content because it increases attention of your page. More people will comment more views your page will get.

13. Invite by email contacts:-

Another great technique to increase Facebook likes of your fan page is invite your email contacts of various services i.e. gmail, yahoo, reddif, outlook, ymail and etc.

What do you think? Which strategy do you use to enhance Facebook fan page of your business? Share your thoughts and opinions in comments below.

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