10 Common Twitter Mistakes Which You Should Avoid

Do you know Twitter is an important microblogging or you can say social media platform for marketing your business, if used with proper etiquette. There are a lot of big brands that are using twitter for marketing their business and have a built a strong brand awareness on the web and even they are listening their customers on Twitter and solving their real life problems.

So what about you? Do you use Twitter with proper etiquette?10 Common Twitter Mistakes Which You Should Avoid

Are you sure you are using twitter without making any mistake?

In this article you’ll discover common mistakes while using twitter for marketing your business or for personal use.

Let me start with one-by-one point.

1. Not using profile picture:

The most common mistake on twitter is not using real profile picture. I have seen many twitter accounts and even business profiles which have default egg as their profile picture. It doesn’t look good for a brand or small business if you are building brand awareness or driving customers to your business. People always like to interact with a real person who cares about them and solve their problems. So have a good looking headshot of your face as your profile picture.

2. Not Having Bio or Description:

Another common mistake on twitter is not having bio or little description about you. Normally, in my case I don’t follow back the person who doesn’t have any bio or text in their profile. It is hardly any user will follow you or will take interest in your profile if you don’t mention there who you are, what do you do, what you are talking about and how can you help them. So write an attractive description of yourself including most important keywords of your niche.

3. Self promotion:

Promoting own brand’s products and services all the time on twitter is an additional blunder which results in losing your online presence or reputation on Twitter. Always try to help your followers or customers by sharing tips and tutorials which solve their real life problem and it will encourage them to believe on you that you are master in your industry. Next time they will definitely buy from you and will recommend other people to you.

4. Tweeting too often:

This is another common mistake I have seen doing many people on Twitter. They just come online on Twitter in the morning and share 6-7 tweets within just 1-2 minutes. Do you know what will be the result of it? The people, who follow you, will see all your tweets in their main stream from top to bottom and finally either they will unfollow you or will report your tweets spam or inappropriate. Take look to the snapshot of the same in the below image:

Tweeting too fast

So don’t bombard your followers with huge amount of tweets and I would recommend using social media scheduler like hootsuitesocialoomph or any other.

Important: Please don’t take me wrong. I am not criticizing to anybody. I just showed some examples by these images.

5. Call to action:

Not using call to action on twitter is another big mistake which results in decrease your retweet rate. Did you know that a tweet having call to action i.e. please retweet has 51% rewteet rate than normal tweet. Use most popular call to action in your tweets i.e. “download here” and “subscribe here” where appropriate.

6. Not responding to mention or replies:

Not responding back to your replies and the tweets where you are mentioned is another big mistake on Twitter. You must have to reply back to the tweets where your name is mentioned whether they are asking any question or praising your content. If you don’t do so they will think you don’t care about them and finally, they will not interact with you in future

7. Sharing full length tweets:

Tweeting full length tweets is another common mistake on Twitter. Always try to cover your message in 120 or less characters and give an opportunity to add more text to the user who wants to share your tweet.

8. Not using hashatg:

Not using hashtag at all is big mistake on twitter. Hashtag is a clickable word preceding with “#” before a popular keyword or while promoting an event. You must have to search popular hashtag in your niche market and use them in your tweets so that your followers or customers can find you easily when they search on twitter. Make sure you are using relevant hashtag according to your tweet or message as like social media marketing pros are using in social media success summit 2013 in below image. Use Hashtag & Tagboard to find popular hashtag in your industry.

Twitter Hashtag

9. Not using search feature:

Many twitter users doesn’t use twitter search option which is big common mistake by them. I recommend taking full benefit of twitter search feature and use advanced search for find potential people in your targeted market by using your industry keyword, hashtag and places if you are a local business. Take a snapshot of advanced search in image below:

 Twitter Advanced Search

10. Overusing Hashtag:

Overusing the hashtag in your tweets is another common mistake on twitter. Don’t spam your followers by using huge amount of irrelevant hashtags. The recommended use of hashtag is not more than 2 (Source: Twitter support)

Do you have any other twitter mistake which you have noticed in your twitter stream?

What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts and opinions in comments below: