53 Social Media Quotes and Sayings from Pros

How do you use social media for your business? Are you considering using social media to promote your business? Social media can really help businesses to increase their online presence if and only if used with proper etiquette. I heard many business owners just think that social media can increase the number of sales even

How to Create the Perfect Post for Social Media Channels

Are you struggling with social media posts? Are you looking for ways that can teach you to create perfect social media posts? Social media posts and updates are really important elements of social media strategy for your business. The more helpful and informative content you will share the more brand recognition you will achieve. There

5 Simple Steps to Create Facebook Business Page

Do you have Facebook page of your business? Are you wondering how you can create Facebook business page? Facebook business page is an online identity of your business on Facebook. People can find and connect with your business on Facebook. This way Facebook business page can give you numerous opportunities to promote your business or

How to Add Facebook Like Box in Your WordPress Website

Do you want your blog readers to become your Facebook fans? Are you wondering how easily can you setup Facebook like box in your WordPress website? Having a Facebook like box in your website enables a user to like your Facebook page without leaving your website if he/she really likes your content and want to

How to Add Call to Action Buttons in Organic Facebook Post

How often do you use call to action buttons in your Facebook posts? Let me guess! You always use CTA buttons in Facebook ads. Am I right? But you can use CTA buttons on your organic Facebook posts too.Yes! You heard that right. Call to action buttons encourages the users to take an action. Today

13 Tips From Experts for Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you include email marketing in your social media strategy? Are you wondering how to use social media & email marketing in an integrated campaign? Social media and email marketing are very important components of marketing for every business. Social media plays vital role to build an email list of people who are most likely

How to Add Yourself in Your Own Twitter List

Do you have huge number of subscribers of your twitter lists? Are you thinking about getting more exposure to your tweets with these subscribers? If you are thinking about it then you’re thinking it right. Yes you can do that when you add yourself in a twitter list that is created by you but you can’t