How to Add Facebook Like Box in Your WordPress Website

Do you want your blog readers to become your Facebook fans? Are you wondering how easily can you setup Facebook like box in your WordPress website? Having a Facebook like box in your website enables a user to like your Facebook page without leaving your website if he/she really likes your content and want to

How to Add Call to Action Buttons in Organic Facebook Post

How often do you use call to action buttons in your Facebook posts? Let me guess! You always use CTA buttons in Facebook ads. Am I right? But you can use CTA buttons on your organic Facebook posts too.Yes! You heard that right. Call to action buttons encourages the users to take an action. Today

13 Tips From Experts for Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you include email marketing in your social media strategy? Are you wondering how to use social media & email marketing in an integrated campaign? Social media and email marketing are very important components of marketing for every business. Social media plays vital role to build an email list of people who are most likely

How to Add Yourself in Your Own Twitter List

Do you have huge number of subscribers of your twitter lists? Are you thinking about getting more exposure to your tweets with these subscribers? If you are thinking about it then you’re thinking it right. Yes you can do that when you add yourself in a twitter list that is created by you but you can’t

FaceBook Promotion: How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

How do you run Facebook contest or promotion for your business? What tactics are you using to make your Facebook giveaway successful?  In this article, I am going to share an awesome inforgraphic (Created by Grosocial) that will give you fantastic ideas and guidelines about running a successful Facebook giveaway for your business. Before moving

17 Steps to Explode Your Next Facebook Contest

Was your last Facebook contest successful enough? What things do you consider before running a Facebook contest? In this article, you’ll find how you can make your Facebook contest more effective for your business according to its goals and objectives. Before diving deeper into Facebook contest, first we should know what Facebook contest is exactly.

How to Promote Your Blog Post to Get 1000 Social Shares

How do you promote your latest blog post to your readers? Are you wondering how do you get thousands of shares of your blog post? Recently, I have found an awesome infographic that tells how to make your blog content more shareable. So I would like to share it with you to grab these fantastic