Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

How do you use Facebook for business marketing? Are you wondering that Facebook can raise your business values? Facebook is one of the most used social media platform. Big brands are using Facebook to promote their products and services and people buy things from their favorite brands they like on Facebook. Why don’t you? Don’t

50 Must Follow Social Media Influencer on Twitter (SlideShare)

How do you find effective social media marketing tactics that help your business? Do you join any social media program that tells you how it works? Social media marketing plays an important role to increase business presence and visibility. A business that doesn’t have social media presence is losing huge amount of customers. Either you

How to Find Hidden Facebook Page Admin Request or Invitation

Do you face problem with admin request or invitation on Facebook page? I have seen many people complaining about Facebook page admin request most probably in the case when they don’t get any notification about invitation by manager of a Facebook page. Recently, one of my Facebook friend (Vanessa Lewis) posted a query in Facebook

5 Social Media Tips to Makeover Your Business

What social media tips do you use for effective branding? Are you curious about the online visibility & presence of your business? Not only you, there are lots of people who are struggling or worry about online visibility of their business. Many of them did not get the right consultation for their business and some

Twitter Etiquette: 10 Powerful Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Are you wondering how big brands has huge amount of followers on Twitter? Are you struggling with your twitter follower & following ratio? I have seen many individuals & business owners for begging twitter followers. Actually, they don’t know what strategy they should use to be a popular personality or brand on twitter. So Today

5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Do you have consistency on your social media channels? Are your social media fans and followers getting regular content, social media tips and updates from you? Social media marketing is extremely important for any online or local business or even personal branding. Due to time limitation and other important task in daily routine, it is

30 Excellent and Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Are you a WordPress blogger? Do you have all essential plugins in your WordPress website? WordPress plugins are like spare parts of a WordPress website. For instance, a car can’t move fast without quality engine and other auto parts, in the same way a WordPress website can’t perform better without essential WordPress plugins. These plugins